The Wheels on Debussy’s ambitions are to put the music and musician centre stage as inspiring performer, charismatic communicator and creative agent.


We've found the norm in classical family events is for charisma and communication to be outsourced to presenters from other disciplines. We think the impact of the music/music-making is incomparable if the virtuoso expertise and communication come from the musicians.


We want to give apprenticeship opportunities to selected music students in music institutions.


The Wheels on Debussy apprentices will be offered the chance to develop an invaluable tool-kit of strategies for harnessing the innate chaos of family events, collectively writing songs in the moment, unlocking the dare-devil flair of their instrument and feeling that the limelight is their friend.


The Wheels on Debussy will be creating the next generation of musicians. These newly skilled musicians will run our concerts; be offered performing opportunities with other organisations to create and deliver integrated and impactful concerts and will be given the opportunity to perform with world-class musicians.